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Masking for surface treatment

Silicone masking products for paintshops and electrotyping in standard types and dimensions.

We specialize in customized components.

Our catalogue offers a wide array of products for masking. The catalogue is organized into groups according to the purpose of use. Components are primarily intended to serve as mask pins, shafts, external and internal screw threads, blind or through-holes and surfaces, or to serve as various seals or covers.

Made-to-order silicone and masking covers

We manufacture made-to-order components in exact accordance with your requirements and specifications.  We are flexible and react very quickly in meeting your requirements and producing a prototype.  After a mutual agreement is reached, production can commence based on the prototype.

Silicone is a highly suitable material for masking components:

  • In powder paint shops
  • In cataphoretic paint shops
  • In electrotyping shops

Silicone covers and silicone masking components are:

  • Reusable
  • Permanently retain their shape and surface properties
  • Flexible

+ It is also possible to repeatedly apply and remove paint from silicone


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