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Designing your solution

We’ll need to know the concept you have for your final product, what you need the product for, what requirements it should fulfill, and what conditions it should be able to withstand. In some cases dimensions and tolerance are most important, while in others it’s a product’s perfect appearance or durability.


  • Your requirements
  • Feasibility study
  • Specifications
  • Design


In an ideal situation, you’ll have a 3D model or at least a technical sketch, of the required product. But, if you only have a concept, we can help make it a reality by creating a sketch for you together with a 3D model.  


  •  Design documentation
  •  3D models of the molds and products

 Creating a mold 

Having our own tool factory allows us to capitalize on our years of experience in producing injection molds and to react immediately to the needs of manufacturing, such as changes in intake gating, mold decompression, etc. 


  • On-site tool factory
  • Modern CNC technology

Compression molding

The technology of silicone compression molding is part of our everyday work. Years of practice in combining materials, shapes, and colors has given us the skills that cannot be acquired without hands-on experience.


  • Injection molding machines (LSR)
  • Various types of rubber
  • Various colors
  • From small to large series production

Quality control

Quality control involves the whole process of development and manufacturing. It begins with a feasibility analysis and continues with the monitoring of individual processes during realization. Final inspection is the culmination of the process. 


  • Effective set on established processes
  • Strict quality control


We expedite goods every day. We use international carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx, PPL and others. Products are packed into individual boxes or onto pallets.  


  • Standard PE and cardboard packaging or in accordance with your specifications.

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