About us

SILROC CZ, Inc. is a Czech joint stock company, which has existed in its present form since 2003.

The company currently has 70 employees and is located in the Jizera mountains in the northern region of the Czech Republic (close to the Polish and German borders).

Injection moulding machines are used to manufacture a wide variety of products and components from liquid silicone rubber.

We manufacture products of silicon rubber for many large and small companies both domestically and abroad.

Silicone - custom production since 1992 in the Czech Republic

Our main advantage is the comprehensive solution of the whole order - we provide technical designs and drawings, produce our own form and finalize the product - all under one roof. We provide everything from design and visualization of the product after production of the first prototype.

We provide all the advice and help  fot you to implement your ideas. We have a number of ISO certifications and all our control systems are reviewed regularly by internal and external audits including customer audits. Silicone is our domain for decades, since the roots of our company reach far to Germany '80s, which started production of components made of silicone rubber. In 1992, the production moved completely to the Czech Republic.