We have been creating silicone rubber products by injection moulding for more than 30 years. Small and medium-sized batch productions are our specialty. We offer very competitive prices while maintaining excellent quality. Although we are not focused on mass production, we are not against it.

We manufacture silicone products for this industrial branch:

  • Automotive industry (various areas)
  • Industrial surface treatments (masking elements: caps, gaskets, pipes, etc.)
  • Machine engineering (sealing rings, silicone profiles, balls, pins, etc.)
  • Electronics/Electrical engineering (USB caps, connector components, buttons, switches, diagnostic machine components, electrically conductive parts)
  • Food (components for filling and dosing machinery)
  • Healthcare/Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical industry (hoses, diaphragms, filters, parts of filling machines)
  • Custom orders (erotic goods, toiletries, children’s products)
  • Eyewear products (nose pads, temple tips, double nose pads, bridges, etc.)

Thanks to our long experience in manufacturing silicone products, we can help you find the optimum solution.


We do not want to only be your “manufacturer”!

 We want to be your reliable partner, from the initial idea to final realisation.